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How to install the latest Octave for Linux

The latest version of GNU Octave built for all supported Ubuntu releases. GNU Octave is normally distributed with Ubuntu, this PPA is for you if you have a need to use a newer version of Octave than what you can already get from your installed version of Ubuntu. Simply follow the instructions below to add [...]

Xoctave Scrollbar Conflict Removal for Linux

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty implemented an auto-hide scrollbar as shown in follows. However, the overlay scrollbar also seems to be buggy as it sometimes fails to show up at all. Xoctave suffers from the same problem and it would be best to use regular scrollbars. Please use the standard scrollbar. To get the classic scrollbar back, [...]

How to install Xoctave on Linux

The linux version of Xoctave is available in customers area. But installing can be difficult. Here are the steps to install Xoctave on linux easily. The target operating system is Ubuntu in this example but nearly similar to other linux distros. Using Graphical User Interface (Gdebi Package installer or Software Center [Ubuntu]) Please go to [...]

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