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Ximview Plugin Update

Xoctave plugin Ximview v2.0 has been released and available in customer area. Ximview plugin enhanced and allows users to to do several image processing related action including transformation, format changing, linear and non-linear image filtering, edge detection, edge enhancing, morphology and more. Below you can find the plugin page icons. Ximview provides several image saving [...]

XUIControls : New Xoctave Plugin

Xuicontrols allows users to us UI dialogs to select files and folders colors fonts dates image files The toolbar image for Microsoft Windows is as follows. The Xuicontrols plugin provides native dialog execution options to GNU Octave since GNU Octave uses TK to have a similar functionality. However, due to the limitations of TK, Xuicontrol [...]

How to compile Octave for linux?

Installing Octave could be difficult for novice users.  It requires installing lot of packages. Here is the brief information on compiling for your computer: Step 1 Go to the website: downloadthe latest release of GNU Octave and download the .tar file of it. Currently the latest version is 3.6.3 and can be downloaded directly [...]

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