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How can I interrupt Xoctave when it gets really really busy?

If you are running a long simulation in Xoctave and you’ve realized you need to stop and rerun.Or basically you’ve spotted an issue with your script. Please continue to read if you would like to learn to interrupt this run without killing Octave?

Lets say you are going to run the following commands,

for ii=1:1000,
y = eig(rand(80));

But instantly you wanted to interrupt the calculations. In this case, press CTRL + B in Xoctave console. The following image shows the resulting successful interruption.

Unlike in Matlab or Octave, you can customize the interruption key combination in Xoctave. Please visit preferences and switch to the console page and change it to one of the following options

Please remember that, if you try to interrupt Octave frequently you may end up killing Octave.

In addition, if your oct files (mex files in Matlab) do not handle the interruption, you may not get a response until Octave enters to an interruptible command or script face.



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