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How to compile Octave for linux?

Installing Octave could be difficult for novice users.  It requires installing lot of packages. Here is the brief information on compiling for your computer:

Step 1

Go to the website: downloadthe latest release of GNU Octave and download the .tar file of it. Currently the latest version is 3.6.3 and can be downloaded directly from

Step 2

After downloading, open a terminal window (ctrl+alt+T) and execute the following commands. The following commands are required to download dependencies from internet.

cd Downloads

sudo apt-get install g++

sudo  apt-get install blas-devel

sudo  apt-get install lapack-devel

sudo  apt-get install texinfo

sudo  apt-get install gnuplot

sudo  apt-get install arpack-devel

sudo  apt-get install libcurl-dev

sudo apt-get install libfltk-dev

sudo apt-get install fontconfig

sudo apt-get install glpk

sudo apt-get install libhdf5-serial-dev

sudo apt-get install glu

sudo apt-get install libsuitesparse-dev

sudo apt-get install build-essential

sudo apt-get install gfortran


Step 3

Unzip and configure Octave

Step 4

Compile Octave

Step 5

install Octave if you would like to call it globally. This is an optional step since Octave can be run from the compiled directory.




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