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Welcome to Xoctave Blog.

Hello and welcome to the new Xoctave blog, the official source for information, insight, and updates about Xoctave. This blog will serve as a way to share what we find interesting that hopefully you will find relevant. The opinions that are expressed on this blog are of the individuals expressing them and not necessarily of the broader Xoctave or GNU Octave community.

Recent Articles

How to compile GNU Octave from sources in Linux using bash script automatically?

GNU Octave 3.6.4 has been released. But it does not come with compiled binaries. Please keep reading if you would like to learn how to download, compile and install GNU Octave from sources.

All you need to do is to download the following file and … Read more


How can I interrupt Xoctave when it gets really really busy?

If you are running a long simulation in Xoctave and you’ve realized you need to stop and rerun.Or basically you’ve spotted an issue with your script. Please continue to read if you would like to learn to interrupt this run without killing Octave?

Read more


Ximview Plugin Update

Xoctave plugin Ximview v2.0 has been released and available in customer area.

Ximview plugin enhanced and allows users to to do several image processing related action including transformation, format changing, linear and non-linear image filterin… Read more


XUIControls : New Xoctave Plugin

Xuicontrols allows users to us UI dialogs to select

files and folders
image files

The toolbar image for Microsoft Windows is as follows.

The Xuicontrols plugin provides native dialog execution options to GNU O… Read more


How to compile Octave for linux?

Installing Octave could be difficult for novice users.  It requires installing lot of packages. Here is the brief information on compiling for your computer:
Step 1
Go to the website: downloadthe latest release of… Read more