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Xoctave Scrollbar Conflict Removal for Linux

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty implemented an auto-hide scrollbar as shown in follows.

However, the overlay scrollbar also seems to be buggy as it sometimes fails to show up at all. Xoctave suffers from the same problem and it would be best to use regular scrollbars. Please use the standard scrollbar.

To get the classic scrollbar back, open Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu and search for the package liboverlay-scrollbar as follows.

Once found, remove the package via right-click context menu. Restart your system for the changes to take effect. Or you can use the following command to remove it.

sudo apt-get –purge remove liboverlay-scrollbar

The resulting scrollbars can be viewed in the following image.


Global Menu

Global Menu featured among many of the new changes that Ubuntu users are introduced with Unity. Not only did it change the way application menu was displayed, it also shifted the menu from the main interface of the application to Gnome Panel. Accessing applications and Nautilus options from Gnome Panel is quite inconvenient as compared to an integrated menu within the application’s interface.

To disable the Global Menu, use the following Terminal command. Once done, log out or restart your system for changes to take effect.

sudo apt-get remove appmenu-gtk3 appmenu-gtk appmenu-qt

This process is completely revertible and the changes can be undone by re-installing the package from the below given command. Once the package is installed, restart your computer.




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