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Xoctave - MATLAB Compatibility

Xoctave is mainly compatible with Matlab in both visually and computationally. Xoctave takes the Octave compatibility to another level with look, and feel of Matlab. Xoctave has been developed to be user friendly and Matlab GUI compatible. Therefore, Matlab users will not need to learn Xoctave usage since they already knew!. Please check out screenshots and videos to get the feeling of Xoctave. You can also try Xoctave free for 30 days and see the features and compatibility yourself.

GNU Octave has been mainly developed with Matlab computational compatibility, thus a lot of scripting and computing features in common with Matlab. These computing compatibility include, similar data types such as complex, structure, cell, sparse, data types, built-in Matlab compatible functions. These similarities come from the libraries such as blas, lapack, scalapack, etc. Matlab nicely wraps open source libraries and adds its flavor to make it easly usable. Naturally, using the same libraries provides compatibility to Xoctave powered by GNU Octave.

Xoctave Matlab script

Try Xoctave Now Would you like to try Xoctave for 30 days? Please take a moment to fill out the demo request form and you will shortly get the Xoctave Demo version. The demo includes:

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