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Similar Look and Feel

Xoctave completes the missing element of GNU Octave to become a user friendly, performance oriented, and easy to use graphical user interface. Xoctave is designed to have a similar look and feel as Matlab. Please checkout screenshots and video tutorials.

Running Matlab Scripts

GNU Octave has been mainly developed with MATLAB compatibility, thus a lot of features in common with MATLAB such as data types, complex number support, built-in compatible functions and libraries. Using Xoctave powered with GNU Octave, users can edit, run and debug Matlab scripts.

Toolboxes, Packages and Plugins

There are several toolboxes in Matlab, and they do not come with original bundle. Users should purchase to use these expensive toolboxes. Using GNU Octave packages and Xoctave plugins, you can get the complete packages and plugins unlike Matlab toolboxes.

Interruption and Suspending

In Matlab, users can interrupt a running function or script by pressing CTRL+Break. In Xoctave, the interruption key is customizable. Moreover, Xoctave users can suspend and resume the running process. This option gives users to get computing power back when it is needed by suspensing the running process.

Cost Comparison

Matlab together with toolboxes costs several hundreds of dollars. Xoctave offers a great deal of savings without sacrificing the efficiency and productivity by offering similar functionality and 1 year support. Xoctave is a dependable low cost application solution designed for GNU Octave, and Matlab users offering trusted functionality.

Operating system